Remini Vs Lensa: Which Photo Editing App is Best for Your Needs?

In comparison Remini Vs Lensa, Both are well-known photo editing apps available in the market. But, the process of choosing one from both is difficult. In this blog, I have explained all the features, pros, and cons of both photo editing apps. After reading this blog, you will be able to decide which one is better.

Comparison of Remini Vs Lensa

Photo EditingYesYes
Video EditingYesYes
Pricing$9.99 weekly/ 7-day free trial$99.99 per year/ 7-day free trial
Auto RetouchYesYes
Photo RestorationYesNo
Portrait EnhancementYesYes
User-InterfaceSimple and user-friendlySimple and user-friendly
Vignette EffectYesYes
Unique FeatureCan restore old photos and can create AI avatarsKnown for its magic avatars where avatars can be created depending on your photos


Lensa is a prime photo editing app known for its advanced editing features. Following are the famous features of Lensa’s photo editing app:

Lensa App

Features of Photo Editing

The following are the features of Lensa photo editing:

  • Lensa also enables you to change your hair color.
  • It can blur the background in a photo according to your requirements.
  • Lensa has many filters to make your appearance more attractive. You can choose a filter that suits you. 
  • Magic Retouch enables you to smooth your face. With Magic Retouch, you can save time and effort. This tool helps retouch the neck, make your eyes more attractive, and refine your eyebrows.
  • With the help of Lensa, you can convert your favorite images into various art styles, including retro, cartoon-style, black and white, and landscape.

Features of Video Editing

The following are the features of Lensa video editing:

  • Lensa allows you to add music to your videos, and these videos can also be converted to audio files.
  • Lensa has many filters which you can apply to your videos.
  • Its cut and trim feature enables us to remove any video portion according to our desire.
  • Reshuffle makes recognizing your photos and videos easy if you have many.
  • The ratio feature makes it easy to adjust your videos on different social media platforms.


Lensa offers a subscription for $99.99 for a year. It also offers a free trial for about 7 days by which you can evaluate Lensa. If you are not satisfied with Lensa, you can cancel this anytime. To cancel, you must go to settings and tap manage subscription.

Magic Avatars

It has a special feature that uses AI to make special magic avatars based on your photos or selfies. So, it offers good and bad results according to your avatars. More variations of avatars offer good results. 

More than 100 styles are available for avatars, including cosmic, anime, iridescent, and many more. Lensa also offers some subscriptions for avatars with a discount.

  • Now, you can make 50 avatars with only $2.49.
  • You can also get 100 unique avatars for $3.49 instead of $6.99.
  • Users can get about 200 unique avatars for only $4.99.


Lensa offers extensive editing tools. You can create content for any website through Lensa. Sometimes, you may require a different tool to edit your images and videos.

Portrait Enhancement

The lens also has a portrait Enhancement ability. It uses AI to improve facial expressions like skin tone, texture, and lighting. You should also get information related to the Remini Vs TouchRetouch App.

Auto Retouch

Its auto retouch lets you apply a filter and get your required result. It saves the user time and effort, especially for those who need experience in using this.

Vignette Effect

Lensa also allows you to add a Vignette effect. It helps to convert your images and videos into more polished ones.


The following are the important features of Remini:

Remini App

Photo Restoration

Remini Mod APK can store old and damaged photos. It also uses an AI to improve the image quality. Noise removal and can also restore old photos.

Video Enhancement

Besides Photo restoration, Remini also offers video Enhancement features. It makes your images more clearer. You should also get information about Remini Vs Facetune Editing Tool.

Face Retouch

Remini also offers face retouching features where you can edit and adjust your photos and selfies. You can improve skin tone, facial expressions, and texture by using Remini.

Batch Processing

It also has batch processing availability, where users can restore multiple photos. It can save you time if you have a lot of images for the enhancement.

Real-Time Preview

Remini also shows a real-time preview where you can evaluate the edit results before applying permanently. It makes sure that the final results meet your expectations.

AI Avatars

Like Lensa, Remini also provides an avatar feature where you can make different types of avatars.

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Remini Vs Lensa: Pros and Cons


Following are some pros and cons of Remini:


  • Simple to use interface.
  • Has effective Photo Restoration.
  • Can improve the quality of old and blurry images into stunning ones.
  • Has a face retouch option.
  • Present real-time preview for accurate editing.
  • Offer batch processing for accurate editing.


  • Internet must required for using this tool.
  • Sometimes, it does not properly work with low-quality or damaged photos.
  • Remini sometimes lags due to high-resolution images.


Following are the pros and Cons of Lensa:


  • Lensa offers about 90% accurate results for avatars.
  • AI Avatars can be created with one click.
  • Its price is affordable.
  • Offer a free trial for seven days.
  • The vignette effect adds focus and depth to images. 
  • Extensive range of background effects.
  • Has Portrait Enhancement capability.


  • Lack of photo restoration capability.
  • Non-availability of batch processing capability.
  • Also, it lacks a real-time preview.
  • There is no availability of an exact avatar; sometimes.


Both Remini and Lensa have some strengths and some weaknesses. If you want to choose one from Remini Vs Lensa, it depends on your requirements. Remini is best for those whose priority is enhancement, creative background effects, and restoration and enhancement of old, damaged low-quality images and videos. Similarly, if your priority is to cartonize yourself and create different background effects, Lensa is the best choice.

You should decide based on your requirements. After analyzing the features, pros, and cons, it will be easy to decide between Remini and Lensa. Remini and Lensa are prime editing tools, but Remini is considered best because it can convert your images into stunning, high-quality images and videos.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, Remini offers a user-friendly interface that is simple to use. It has more advanced editing tools than Lensa and became famous due to its AI enhancements and Restoration technology.

Lensa, YouCam Enhance, PhotoDirector, and Adobe Photoshop are the best editing apps as Remini with their advanced features.

Lensa offers a free version, but if you want to get its premium features, you must pay $ 3.99 per monthly subscription.